Franklin First United Methodist Church

 The Women’s Ensemble, lead by Monica Rhude, brings three-part harmony to our worship service. These gifted ladies touch our heartstrings with their songs.

Megan Duff

Megan Duff is Franklin First’s primary accompanist. She is gifted on the piano and with many additional instruments and is a wonderful vocalist. We are blessed to enjoy her special music on a regular basis. With Megan at point, our music shines.

​Choir Spotlights

"Why We Sing"

 Trisha Dicken

Co-Director Handbell Choir


Trisha Dicken serves as our percussionist. She brings a great beat and extra depth to many of our music pieces.

 The Aspenleiter Bell Choir, directed by Tami Chamberlain with co-director Trisha Dicken, employs four octaves of handbells. Whether the piece is meditative or spirited, the music of the bells cannot help but touch our spirits. Our directors are patient and persistent in their leadership, willing to work with new bell players to develop their skills. There’s nothing like a bell number to lift our praise! ​

Chancel Choir

Monica Rhude

Music Director

Chancel Choir Director

Aspenleiter Bell Choir

“God inhabits the praises of His people.” Psalm 22:3

 We have a team of musicians playing our organ. Nancy Osborne and Jo Steinberger grace us with their music as they are available, and guest organist Priscilla Stanze Acuff joins us for special occasions.


Special musicians are regularly invited to worship with us and share their gifts. Guest accompanists and choir members join us periodically and vocal soloists are welcomed often. We have enjoyed flute, violin, cello, base, and trumpet music (among others) as we worship together. Do you have some talent to share? Let us know!

Our Chancel Choir, under the direction of Monica Rhude, sings three or four-part harmony to a variety of musical selections.

Typically accompanied by piano and/or organ, we often welcome musicians with additional instruments to enhance the choir numbers. Monica has the skill of bringing out the best in her choirs.

At Franklin First, we believe that music is a key means of praising God. Whether one is a vocalist or plays bells or some other instrument, we offer our talents to the glory of the Lord. Our church is known for the quality of its music and the wonderful acoustics of our sanctuary. Sunday’s compositions are chosen with care to amplify our worship themes.

Do you enjoy singing or playing an instrument? Our choirs are enthusiastic about welcoming new people. You will quickly become part of our musical family. During the school year, practices happen on Wednesday evenings: Chancel Choir at 6:30 and Bell Choir at 7:30. Come check it out!

Women's Ensemble

Tami Chamberlain

Handbell Choir Director

Orginal member of the Aspenleiter Bell Choir and has been playing Bells for more than 35 years and director for 10 years.  In addtion, she has been playing the flute/piccolo since 5th grade and played flute in the Praise Band at church for many years, played flute with the Village Singers. As well as playing  flute with our choir and handbell choir anthems through the years. 

Tami Chamberlain